Turkey’s Best Social Latin Night

Dancing is both a passion and important for health. Accompanying all music, letting yourself go with the flow of the music and dancing is good for people both physically and mentally. There is also a great opportunity to enjoy dance in a unique city like Istanbul. Taking place at Pullman Istanbul Hotel & Convention Center, the 10th Istanbul Dance Festival is one of the best multicultural festivals in the world. 20 hours of masterclass training with dancers from different parts of the world is also possible.


What is Istanbul Latin Night?


Organized by Istanbul Dance Fest, Istanbul Latin Night events host a very social environment. Offering the opportunity to meet and dance with many different people, Istanbul Latin Night is the best place to meet new people and experience the passion for dance. In the Istanbul Latin Night event, more than 500 dancers participate daily. People who both want to dance and want to add new movements to themselves can both have fun and learn with these 500 dancers.


Istanbul Latin Night event is held every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Not only Latin dances, but also salsa, cha cha cha, Bachata and Kizomba music are included in the Latin Party event. Thus, more than one type of music can be enjoyed in one night. For those who say “I don’t know these dances”, free workshops on Salsa, Bachata and Kizomba dances are organized before the dance nights. Thus , those who want to attend salsa night , Bachata night or Kizomba night events can learn these dances in advance and enjoy the dance.


Thanks to dozens of Latin dancers coming from abroad every week, the Latin party becomes quite enjoyable. In addition, special shows are prepared for some weeks, so that the participants have pleasant and dance-filled nights. Not only shows, but also some raffles are organized. In some weeks, draws are held with special participants for Latin festivals. As a result of the draw, special gifts are given to the participants.

There are options for those who want to dance not only to the Latin Party but also to other music. It is possible to enjoy these dances with three different DJs in three separate rooms without waiting for Salsa night , Bachata night or Kizomba night events. Those who wish can enjoy their own salsa night event in the salsa room, while others can enjoy the Kizomba night event. Thanks to the bachata night, you can enjoy the dance accompanied by emotional melodies.

Salsa Night 

Salsa, one of the dance styles of Latin America, is one of the most popular dance types in the world. It is possible to learn the unique movements of salsa by participating in the Salsa Night event. You can also experience a salsa night event by joining one of the three different rooms reserved for the Latin Party event. Thanks to the salsa night , you can partner and dance with people from different parts of the world.

Bachata Night

One of the unique dances of Latin America is Bachata. Bachata is particularly identified with the Dominican Republic. It is possible to do the Bachata dance, which has come to the fore recently, at the Bachata night event. Bachata night becomes colorful with many different dancers. Both modern and traditional Bachata style can be learned at the Bachata night event.

Kizomba Night

Kizomba is one of the popular dances of Angolan origin. This dance, which requires soft dance moves with its romantic melodies , can be learned in the accompaniment of Kizomba night . Kizomba night offers participants the opportunity to dance with soft movements thanks to knee flexibility.

For those who see dancing as a passion and admire Latin dances, Istanbul Latin Night is one of the best events. Thanks to the Latin party , you can meet dancers and participants from all over the world and enjoy this social environment. Different Latin American dances such as kizomba, salsa and Bachata can be performed thanks to Turkey’s best social Latin night.