Festival Taste Latin Night

Latin dances are a very entertaining type of dance that originated in Latin America and then spread all over the world. Latin dances are known for their moving and fast-paced figures. These figures are seen as difficult for those who do not know Latin dance. However, after a good education and practice, it is easily learned with the flow of music.

About Latin Dances

Latin dances are a very energetic type of dance. Latin dance lovers come together with latin party to dance . These organizations can also be organized in the concept of turkey latin festival . Latin dances performed with various organizations are also divided into types within themselves.

What Are the Types of Latin Dance?

Latin dances are divided into many types among themselves. These types are salsa, bachata, merengue kizomba, rumba, swing, paso doble, cha cha cha. In these genres, dances are performed with rhythmic movements. While Latin dances are exhibited, they are exhibited with Latin music . Very lively latin music is a good complement to latin dances.

Music Preferred in Latin Dance

Latin dances reflect the culture of the place where he was born. Latin music selected in Latin dances is preferred according to the type of Latin dance. The music chosen should be in harmony with the dance. For example, salsa music is preferred for salsa dancing born in Cuba . Salsa music accompanying salsa dance reflects Cuban culture and is also indispensable for salsa dance. Likewise, kizomba music is played for kizomba dance , while bachata music is played for bachata dance . These musics progress to be harmonized with dance figures.  

Pleasant Organizations for Latin Dance Lovers

For those who love Latin dances, the Turkish Latin Festival is an organization that must be attended. The turkey latin festival , where you will get enough of latin dances and music, is a festival you always want to be organized with its energy. It provides an enjoyable latin party experience with latin music blended with latin dances .

Important Information About the Latin Dance Night Organization


When it comes to Latin dance, the first thing that comes to mind is the Latin party. Latin dance nights are organized in organizations that have become fun Latin parties and dance accompanied by Latin music . In addition, turkey latin festival events are among the important events organized for latin dance lovers. 

Latin dance nights that take place regularly every Friday and Saturday allow you to socialize. It entertains those who want to have fun with dance and latin party with kizomba music and bachata music . The dancers, who come together with the fun turkey latin festival concept, exhibit their dance figures. Accompanied by different music and dances, a wonderful latin dance feast emerges.

Edited latin party in the event of salsa music cha cha cha, bachata music and kizomba music is played. Three separate rooms have separate DJs and they play salsa music and bachata music. Also kizomba music is played. An average of 500 dancers participate in the event. Draws are also held at the events.  

For those who want to participate in the event , a workshop is held with salsa music or bachata music before the event . For kizomba dances, the opportunity to practice is offered in workshops with kizomba music . A short training on latin dances can be taken in workshops with pleasant latin music.

Important dancers from abroad participate in the Latin dance night organization every week. They organize fun dance workshops with the energy of Latin and bachata music . In some weeks, special shows are organized for latin dance lovers. With these shows, traces of Latin dance are left with a lively and enjoyable dance night.

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